Pebbles and other Toppings

There are a wide range of different toppings for you to choose from depending on your various indoor plant hire needs. Toppings are a great way to hide the plant’s soil and to give the plant a polished look, making it look both tidy and professional. Toppings range from pebbles and recycled glass to crushed shell and dried sphagnum moss. Some things to consider when deciding on your topping include:

  • Where the topping is sourced from (especially for Green Star rating)
  • What colour scheme would go with the rest of your interior design
  • Is there a theme you are wanting to portray
  • Is it likely people will pick up the topping, e.g. if the plant is in a public place

Your indoor plant hire design consultant will be able to talk through the different options available to you and suggest a range of toppings that they think would be suitable for your situation. If your indoor plant hire is for a Green Star project and you would therefore like to use a pebble or other topping that is locally sourced, let your design consultant know and they will provide you with a variety of options.

Below are some pictures of the toppings requested most by clients.

Please note that some toppings may come at an additional cost.

Photos courtesy IEQ Indoor Plants Brisbane.