Benefits of Indoor Plants

General idea

Modern research has shown that indoor plants not only result in healthy buildings but healthy people too. Worker health and wellbeing has been proven to be significantly improved by the presence of indoor plants. Studies explain that when people feel they are part of their natural environment they have a better sense of psychological and social wellbeing.

Numerous studies, including research completed by NASA, indicate that indoor plants are very effective at filtering and removing harmful particles and toxins from indoor air, in turn improving indoor environment quality. This results in:

  • Enhanced worker efficiency
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced staff down-time

Plant benefits not only include improving interior air quality but they also enhance your interior aesthetics, they will:

  • Increase employee attentiveness with fewer distractions due to reduced office noise
  • Improve your corporate image
  • Increase staff comfort levels, with improved humidity and softer ambient light
  • Attract and retain top employees
  • Create a positive image
  • Add colour and soften hard building lines

What’s more hire plants can also become a cost saving exercise.

Increased efficiency

Studies throughout a number of countries, including the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Britain and France, have proven that productivity of employees can be increased by up to 12% with the presence of indoor plants. Furthermore, indoor plants are an efficient way to reduce distractions in a bustling workplace as they are able to deflect and absorb noise.

Reduced stress

Cleaner air means less stress. American scientist Dr. Virginia Lohr, of Washington State University, has proven with her studies that not only are people more productive in the presence of plants but they are also less stressed. It has also been found that a view of greenery can produce a decrease in stress within five minutes, demonstrating that when people are in contact with plants they intuitively feel calmer.

Healthier air means healthier workers

Again and again it has been verified that indoor plants increase indoor environment quality. They do this by removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, effectively cleaning it. VOCs are produced by a multitude of synthetic materials, which are incorporated in modern buildings. Some of these toxins include benzene from plastics, trichloroethylene (TCE) from varnishes and formaldehyde from particle boards and carpets. This issue is at the forefront of many debates due to the large amount of products being imported from China. In fact, indoor environment quality can become so poor that indoor office spaces can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, as stated in research published by Bio-Safe Incorporated.

These toxins contribute to Sick Building Syndrome and can result in irritated eyes, headaches, skin complaints, and dry membranes in the nose and mouth; meaning unhealthy employees. Therefore, sick leave expenses can be significantly reduced by cleaning workplace air with indoor plants. Plant benefits go beyond the superficial and mean real differences in your workers’ health.

Improved corporate image

Indoor plants are a simple and effective way to improve your corporate image, while simultaneously improving your indoor environment quality. They can be used to divide spaces in open plan offices, screen areas, soften harsh building lines, and to reiterate your corporate colours. When deciding to alter your corporate image it is important to note that not only is indoor plant hire the most cost effective interior decorating choice but the use of indoor plants will also offer a guarantee of positively enhancing both employee and client perceptions of your corporate image.

Interior plants can increase comfort levels and reduce company costs

As mentioned above, indoor plants are a fantastic way to ensure that the humidity of your workplace is balanced. The recommended humidity range for an office is between 30-60%. Offices with modern climate control systems, including air conditioning, often find they have trouble meeting these humidity levels and therefore their staffs comfort is compromised. With a more comfortable environment resulting in increased productivity in workers it makes sense to get the humidity of your workplace right. Furthermore, costs can be saved on building repairs as materials such as wood crack when office air humidity falls below the recommended range, while structural damage can occur when humidity exceeds the recommended range, with condensation forming on windows and external walls. Not only do plants ensure that office air has the correct levels of humidity, they do this without interfering with ventilation systems and require no structural changes to the building, minimising costs.

Attract and retain top employees by using interior plants to contribute to a positive image

Indoor plants are a superb way to express that your workplace is one of care and respect, contributing to your company’s positive image. Oxford Brookes University, in England, conducted a study which was able to conclude that buildings with indoor plants were seen as more expensive-looking, more relaxed and friendlier. Employees with positive perceptions of their workplace are less likely to seek employment elsewhere, making indoor plant hire a successful way to attract and retain top employees. In addition, businesses that used interior plants in their offices found that their employees had more positive perceptions of their workplace. This means that indoor plant hire encourages loyal workers, who have a sense of identity in their workplace, in turn creating a positive image of your company. What’s more studies over the last decade have shown that the more enhanced and well thought-out a workplace environment is, where individuals have more input over the setup of their workspace, the more productive, motivated and loyal employees become.

Adding colour

Many people think of green when they think of plants, when in reality plants come in a wide spectrum of colours, reflecting the countless number of species nature has on offer. Indoor plants can be used to compliment the interior design of your office, as well as creating an ambient atmosphere by bringing the outside world in. Plants can also be chosen to reflect your company’s corporate colours. Look at our Inspiring Concepts page to find out more about which plant colours will work well for you.

Cost justification

As stated above, interior plant hire is economically beneficial for your business. Indoor plants can result in healthier and more productive employees, by increasing motivation levels and decreasing distractions, while keeping office air clean with more oxygen. This means more work output and less staff down-time. Furthermore, indoor plants are essential to keeping down building maintenance costs by reducing material and structural damage. Use our costing spreadsheets to calculate your budget.

Wrap up

By choosing to hire your indoor plants your staff and management are free to get on with work tasks specific to achieving company goals. Outsourcing not only means that your business is more cost-effective but yourself and your employees are more work efficient and healthier, with better indoor environment quality. Interior plant design can provide a “green zone”¬Ě in the workplace where views of nature are not readily accessible, making for a stress-free environment. Indoor plants are already working hard throughout NZ cleaning office air and improving indoor environment quality. Plants are no longer seen as just beautiful but are now seen as essentials in the workplace. Experience the benefit of plants in your everyday life.

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