Hiring versus Buying of Indoor Plants

We feel it is important to let you know the pros and cons when it comes to hiring versus buying indoor plants. Often companies believe it is easier and more cost-effective to buy their plants rather than hire them but please take time to consider the following.

Remember indoor plant hire companies are specialists and have been trained and educated in this field of work. What this should mean is that plants are kept as healthy as possible, plant replacements (when required) are part of the service at no extra cost, and that planters can be changed when fashions change without your company having to buy a brand new range of containers. In addition, indoor plant hire gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your plant numbers.

Indoor plant hire companies can provide expert advice on the latest fashion trends, both with plants and planters. They have access to wholesale prices when buying plants and are efficient at keeping labour to a minimum, meaning cost-savings for your company. Further cost-savings can be made by indoor plant hire as your staff’s time is not taken up tending to your company’s interior plants.

It is important to note that indoor plant hire companies have expert knowledge on plant availability as well as plant suitability for different light levels and room sizes in your workplace. Indoor plant hire companies have specialised knowledge on the water and fertilisation requirements of each plant as well. In addition, plants need to be trimmed and cleaned to ensure that they are dust-free so that they are both attractive and still able to photosynthesise. On top of all this it is vital to note that there is a big difference between outdoor and indoor pots. Outdoor pots can damage your floors and carpets, indoor plant hire companies specialise in supplying contemporary indoor pots which are leak-proof as well as being beautiful.

The bottom line is that indoor plant hire, opposed to personally purchased plants, will save your company money. Not only do indoor plant hire companies keep their prices competitive but hiring your indoor plants means that your staff are able to concentrate on specific tasks related to your company’s goals, leaving the job of plant maintenance to the experts. Keep in mind indoor plant hire companies have staff that are trained and experienced at creating the most effective and innovative interior landscape suited to your needs, at the best possible price.