Design And Maintenance

Inscape is an ideal plant hire company as they offer a comprehensive indoor plant and pot hire service from design through to maintenance. Inscape offer an initial design consultation, presentation of a interior plant design solution, plant and pot hire, delivery and installation, with an ongoing plant hire maintenance program. They will work all their recommendations in with your budget, building style and company culture.


When it comes to design inscape’s design consultants will liaise with you to create a unique and innovative interior plant design that meets all your needs and requirements. Their plant hire design consultants will consider everything from what planters to use, according to their shape, size, finish and colour, as well as appropriate indoor plant hire choices and the best placement for your indoor plants.

If you require a custom-made planter inscape can do that too. All you need to do is run through your ideas with inscape, as well as what sizes you are after and they will come up with the rest. They can come up with the technical details of the planter to ensure that there is an appropriate watering method, the planter is waterproof and that the design of the planter is unique and in-tune with the rest of your interior decor.

You can be confident in knowing that inscape’s expert plant hire design consultants will choose suitable indoor plants that are fashionable and trendy, with complimentary planters and toppings to match. Whatever your plant hire needs are inscape will meet them and exceed your expectations with their innovative and delightful interior landscaping.

Please refer to our Green Star page for more information on the design services inscape provide for Green Star projects.


Inscape’s indoor plant hire maintenance involves hire of the planters and indoor plants and a regular maintenance service. During servicing inscape’s highly qualified plant hire technicians will:

  • Ensure that your indoor plants are healthy and in good condition
  • Inspect for pests and diseases
  • Water your indoor plants as necessary
  • Replace your indoor plants as necessary
  • Maintain the correct soil ph
  • Fertilise as necessary
  • Monitor growth and development
  • Rotate your indoor plants at regular intervals to ensure even growth
  • Trim, dust and gloss leaves
  • Clean planters and keep them in good condition

Inscape’s plant hire technicians use a water trolley that holds 80 litres of water, allowing their staff to quietly and efficiently water a large number of indoor plants. All of inscape’s staff have clean security records and can be easily identified by their uniforms.

Inscape offer an interior plant design and hire service that ensures you have access to the most extensive range of indoor plants and pots so that they are able to create an innovative interior plant design which is unique to you. Inscape will provide all necessary information on care and maintenance of your indoor plant hire. Contact Us today for more information or to arrange a free initial consultation.