Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions that clients have asked before hiring indoor plants. If you would like more information or have a question that is not listed below please Contact Us.

Why is there no simple price list?

When it comes to indoor plant hire there a number of variations which in turn can alter the price of hire plants. Some of these variations include:

  • Type of planters. There are a wide range of planters and they are not all equal in their cost.
  • Type of plant. Different indoor plants also come at different prices.
  • Topping. Toppings can vary in price depending on what is in stock and whether or not it is an imported stone.
  • Location. If your business is in the same vicinity as some of your indoor plant hire company’s existing clients you may be offered a discount. Also, if your hire plants can be easily accessed, such as being on the bottom floor of a high rise building with service vehicle car parks, you may be offered a further discount.

What should I expect?

Indoor plant hire companies should pride themselves on quality customer service and we believe you have the right to expect:

  • To get what your interior plant design states. The number, type and size of plants, as well as type and size of planter installed should match what is specified in the design agreed upon by both you and your indoor plant hire company.
  • To know who is on your premises. Inscape’s workers are more than happy to register in your sign-in book if required. All their staff are clearly identifiable by their uniforms.
  • That your hire plants are kept healthy and clean.
  • That all hire company staff work quietly and efficiently, showing respect to your employees.

How often is invoicing?

Inscape invoice on a monthly basis. With longer contracts inscape are able to offer cost reductions. Other companies may vary on their invoicing intervals.

Acclimatisation of indoor plants

It is normal for an indoor plant to take time to acclimatise to its new surroundings. When a plant is first installed it may drop leaves as it gets used to its new environment, this should stop happening within a few weeks and does not occur with all hire plants.

Should plant hire companies grow their own plants?

Most indoor plant hire companies use plants from nurseries that specialise in growing indoor plants. These nurseries are able to grow large numbers of plants in ideal conditions and therefore this means cost-savings for them, which they are then able to pass on to their customers.

What type of container should you use?

Containers come in a number of different materials, including ceramic, plastic, polymer and metal. Inscape specialises in using plastic planters which, unlike other materials, mean that:

  • They do not need sealing
  • They are 100% leak-proof
  • They do not sweat, leaving marks on flooring
  • They are not porous
  • They do not rust

In addition, inscape’s planters are shock resistant, non-toxic and made from recycled material; making them an ideal choice for all interior plant designs, especially those for Green Star projects.

Areas Inscape service?

Inscape are a nationwide company with branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, which they use as bases to travel out from to surrounding smaller towns. Inscape are able to provide indoor plant hire for most places, please go to Contact Us to find out if inscape are able to provide for your business.



Frequently Asked Questions based on FAQs by IEQ Indoor Plants Brisbane.