Inspiring Concepts for Indoor Plant Hire

Inscape have expert design consultants who are able to create a range of innovative interior plant designs to suit any indoor plant hire requirements, making them our number one indoor plant hire company. Their interior landscaping ranges from the modern concept of vertical green walls to the more traditional floor standing planter. Inscape can also work with in-built planters and furniture which incorporates plants, such as tambours.

Vertical Green Wall

Vertical green walls can be created as a grid or column feature and can either be fixed to a wall or free-standing. Vertical green walls are a very modern concept which consists of a metal lattice system interlaced with indoor plants. The overall effect is of something sculptural, drawing influences from industrial elements as well as nature. Vertical green walls are a superb way to modernise any workspace and will speak volumes about your business. This is also a great way to incorporate a large number of indoor plants into a small space and is a fantastic way to bump up your indoor plant numbers towards gaining Green Star points under IEQ-C.

Above: vertical green wall from the Christchurch City Council Building

Floor Standing Planter

When deciding on which floor standing planter is most appropriate for your interior plant design it is important to consider the size, shape, style, colour and finish of the planter. Inscape has a vast array of planters to choose from. When choosing the size of a planter you must take into account the surrounding furniture and the overall size of the space. Planter shape will also be largely influenced by the amount of space available for the planter. The style of the planter will depend on what look you are trying to portray, would you like your interior plant design to be clean and simplistic, ornate and elaborate, or perhaps something a little quirky and modern. Colour and finish of planters can be used to reiterate corporate colours or to compliment your existing decor. There is a lot to consider but that is why inscape’s friendly design consultants are there to help.

Above: a stunning combination of planters showing a range of sizes, shapes, styles, colours and finishes


Table Top Planter

Table top planters can be awesome space savers when it comes to having indoor plants. It is often hard to find a lot of spare space in offices but inscape have come up with a way to work around this. Their table top planters can be placed on top of cabinets and partitions as well as on desks or window sills. Table top planters are also a great way to brighten up a reception area, making your customers feel welcome and relaxed.

Above: some examples of inscape’s table top planters, available in a range of colours


It is important to consider the colour of your indoor plants and planters and how they will work together. Plants are usually thought of as being solely green but people are often surprised by the vibrancy a plant alone can bring to a workspace. Inscape have a number of indoor plants that are more than just green, from bright orange flowering bromeliads to more subtly toned Dracaena marginatas with hints of pinky red along their leaf margins. Inscape’s planters can be made to match any colour, whether it is to repeat an existing colour in your interior decor or corporate logo, or perhaps to add a new colour altogether.

Above: plants are not always purely green and can be a great way to add a splash of colour to your workplace

Plants as a Sculptural Element

Plants can be used as art in themselves. They can become a feature of any space you desire and are a magnificent way to make a statement and to create “wow” factor in your interior plant design. The form of a plant and its leaves can be used to echo the architecture of its surroundings. Indoor plants can also be used to soften harsh building lines and to make workers feel at ease in their workspace. Mass planting or plant centre pieces can be used to impress your clients and to improve the positive image of your business.

Above: large Ficus trees in designer planters create an impressive statement in Westfield Albany’s foodcourt

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