Indoor Plant Hire Installation

Prior to each installation the indoor plant hire company you have chosen should compile an Installation Plan, which includes the schedule of work to complete and within what timelines. Before installation of your indoor plants inscape will always take time with you to organise which days of the week and times of the day would suit you best so that they are able to work this into their Installation Plan.

Inscape do as much of the work off-site as possible to ensure that they are efficient during installation, while creating minimal disturbance to your workplace. Inscape will make sure that they appoint the right number of workers to your installation based on the number and size of the indoor plants involved in your indoor plant hire scheme.

Inscape are experienced at installing a wide array of plant hire jobs from installations involving over 3,000 indoor plants, to jobs as small as one plant and pot in a reception area.

Depending on the scale of the job installation can involve:

  • Indoor plants and pots
  • Workers
  • Lifts
  • Service bays
  • Trucks
  • Security passes
  • Contact numbers
  • Weekend work

All of inscape’s staff can be easily recognised by their uniforms. They are mindful that your employees are working and that it is important to keep noise and disturbances to a minimum. It is also possible for inscape to arrange for your plant hire installation to occur outside of normal work hours if necessary.